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Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

October 20, 2019



One of the trends that came out of the trend research we have done the last two months is Domestic Quarantine. This trend is about creating the most clean and healthy environment for ourselves from the dirty world around us. As we have some sort of phobia for it we use several, sometimes even hidden, tools to improve our health quality.

One of the designs that fits into this trend is Cellul-Air. The designers created Cellul-Air as a reaction to the growing air pollution that is becoming a bigger problem every day. Cellul-Air is a system that cleans the air by using principles of bioremediation. Bioremediation is a natural process in which microbes absorb and transform noxious pollutants. The design is made out of several orbs filled with these microbes. The orbs will take in the polluted air and produce clean, purified air that is better for our health. The orbs are disguised in an artsy design, fitting into aesthetics of households and companies.

Cellul-Air fits to the trend Domestic Quarantine because it shows that we feel the urge to make our precious air, that we are polluting, healthy and better for ourselves. By placing a Cellul-Air in your home or workplace you create a safe and healthy space for your own.


Design: ThinkTHANK. A team existing out of four designer engineering students: Timi Oyedeiji, Nicole Stjernswärd, Kate Strudwick and Alex Facey.

Seen at: Dutch Design Week, Klokgebouw, Hall 3

Want to know more about Cellul-air? Click here.


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