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February 10, 2019

The trend Materialistic Minimalism is about simplifying life without making compromises.

We focus on reducing our consumption of luxurious and lush things but still have the desire to be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing objects in our homes. In that sense, we are not letting go of our materialistic needs, but we satisfy ourselves with simple objects that can be described as minimalistic.


“Zero”, designed by Satoshi Umeno, is an unconventional collection of bags which are made of a lightweight polyester-nylon material, which is normally used to produce industrial gloves. Umeno uses special sewing techniques because of the extremely thin material. This extremely light and thin material requires a special sewing technique, which Umeno implemented in his products. The presence of the ‘’Zero’’ bags is close to zero, light as air and it will relieve the user from the bulkiness of other bags.


The minimalistic aesthetics of the collection “Zero” with its simple shapes and ultra-thin material fits perfectly to the trend Materialistic Minimalism. The collection is aesthetically pleasing and can fulfill the need of satisfying ourselves with objects that look minimalistic.


        “Zero” Collection

        Designer: Satoshi Umeno

        Ambiente Hall 8, 2019


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