In a world full of uncertainties such as climate change and mass extinction, there is a need for a new innovative kind of control. We are searching for balance between an uncontrollable society and an over-controlled personal life. But how much control do we really need? Does having control give us power or just the idea of it? Nonhuman Nonsense is a research-driven design studio that focuses on the relations between the non-sentient and living beings. Their goal is to start a conversation about another way of existing, going beyond of thinking of what has consciousness and what does not. Their project Planetary Personhood is a campaign that wants to keep the independence of the planet Mars,

Prosthetic X

In today’s hectic world there are a lot of changes and uncertainties. This results in a desire for control, people want to take matters into their own hands. To what extent are we willing to go to gain this control? Isaac Monté explored this question by creating project Prosthetic X. His project is an art-driven innovation made out of 9 protheses that collect data by the means of an artificial, physical data organ. With the information it gathers, the user gains insights into his or her physical and mental health. The design focuses on older people and enables them to understand and have control over their own wellbeing. “Imagine a future where we have a data organ that shows how healthy we

Trend Book DDW 2020

We proudly present to you the Trend Book that we, the Future Thinkers team of 2020/2021, made for Dutch Design Week 2020. Within the book you can find five trends that resulted from our research: Un-Tabooing Empowerment, Control Regained, Crisis of Touch, The Caretakers and Tangible Loss. Download the book here and get inspired! Download the DDW 2020 Trend Book

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