Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

Guiding Environment One of the trends that came out of the trend research we have conducted over the past two months is ‘’In Control’’. In the current day and age people feel like they are losing control over multiple aspects in their lives, this loss of control creates fear. That fear leads humans to change their behaviour and attempt to regain that control. ‘’Being in control is an illusion. What happens when people are ‘’in control’’, is the replacing of the uncontrollable reality, with an illusional, virtual and controllable world’’. Due to human’s desperate need to be in control, they are willing to give up certain amounts of freedom in order to regain that control. One of the designs

Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

A plant in the wrong place When friends and family invite you to dinner flowers are considered an appropriate gift. You go to a flower shop and purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were grown solely for that purpose. Why do we buy flowers in a shop when we could pick our own outside? Flowers don’t just grow in rural areas; we also find them in the urban landscape. There however we don’t think of them as beautiful flowers, we think of them as weeds and cut them off without paying further attention to them because they disrupt our clean man made environment. Weeds are defined as wild plants growing where they are not wanted and therefore in the wrong place. "A plant in the wrong place"

Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

Sevenclicks In the last weeks we have researched changes in values and needs in society, also known as trends. One of these trends is Copycat Identity. This trend shows how humans want to be unique, have their ‘own’ identity and express their true selves. In order to do so, people ironically tend to look at other people for inspiration and copy what is desirable. Copycat identity is a trend that offers access to creativity and allows people to create something with the purpose of self-expression without needing the skills to do so. When brainstorming it is easy to get lost within one’s own mind and to break free from the patterns and limitations of what you already know. Not everyone has the

Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

The Digital Shaman Project The past few weeks our team researched five trends to present on the Dutch Design Week. One of these trends is Stretching Boundaries. Stretching boundaries is about pushing boundaries, the way topics can be viewed and talked about. Sensitive subjects are quickly avoided because they are seen as a taboo or people might get offended. Stretching boundaries shows a change in perspective of how we can talk about complicated subjects and shows that humans feel the need to talk about these topics. One of the many things humans don’t feel comfortable with is talking about death. There is one thing certain about a human beings life and that’s the inevitable fact that one da

Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven Photographs: Iris Rijskamp Design Of Marriage One of the trends that came out of the trend research we have done the last two months is Stretching Boundaries. Stretching Boundaries shows a change in perspective of how we can talk about complicated subjects and shows that humans feel the need to talk about certain topics. Stretching Boundaries want to stimulate the conversation in ‘taboo’ subjects. In South-Korea, there is a huge pressure to marry, especially for a woman. A lot of people in South-Korea are conventional see marriage as a way to attain personal happiness. To talk about this topic or have another opinion is still a taboo. Design of Marriage i

Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

Masque In the past few weeks we have researched five different trends, including Shifting Senses. Within this trend it is central to merging technology together with the human body. This allows certain senses to be expanded. This can be different for everyone; some people use it to enhance senses they lack, some use it to expand them. Nowadays there are several possibilities to bring your breathing under control. Think of certain breathing exercises in combination with meditation and yoga. Through breathing the user’s mood can be controlled. The Masque is a wearable headset, which helps you to adjust your breathing. It is an interactive wearable and psycho-acoustic system that allows you t

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Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

Cellul-Air One of the trends that came out of the trend research we have done the last two months is Domestic Quarantine. This trend is about creating the most clean and healthy environment for ourselves from the dirty world around us. As we have some sort of phobia for it we use several, sometimes even hidden, tools to improve our health quality. One of the designs that fits into this trend is Cellul-Air. The designers created Cellul-Air as a reaction to the growing air pollution that is becoming a bigger problem every day. Cellul-Air is a system that cleans the air by using principles of bioremediation. Bioremediation is a natural process in which microbes absorb and transform noxious

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