Fontys ILS does Festival Mundial

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, ILS students present their concepts at Festival Mundial. With their sustainable ‘bitterballs’, startup De Ballenmeisjes is responding to the waste of food in our society. ‘Our target group is the benevolent consumer who wants to consume sustainably, but finds the threshold too high', explains Anke van Ettinger. The young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of a bitterball containing residual products. To achieve this, they worked together with various restaurants in Tilburg. A number of students who participated in the Fast Fashion Challenge also present their concepts to reduce waste in the fashion industry. Not only ILS students will present their concepts during

Fast Fashion Challenge

How nice would it be if we could grow the raw materials for our own clothes at home. That would save a lot of waste, according to first-year ILS students Pien Ladru and Annebelle van der Lely. With their concept Garment Garden they recently won the Fast Fashion Challenge. A strong concept that highlights several aspects of the waste problem, according to Dave Hakkens, who was ILS's guest lecturer of the year. Photography Marco Magielse

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