WHAT This winning trendreport offers inspiration and advises about possible implications of certain trends and signals for customer Heijmans Infra. MADE BY Second Year Students

Graduation Thesis: Maak de smaak

WHAT Maak de Smaak!’ enables dysphagia patients to influence their own meal on food composition, nutrients and presentation. This can all be done via a large touchscreen at the social meetingpoint Het Bord. The meals are printed in the kitchen via a 3D foodprinter and eaten together at an atmospheric table. Afterwards, the dysphagia patients as well as others, can exchange ideas and information for optimization. ‘Maak de Smaak!’ improves all factors of Quality of Life for both mentalitygroups: physical, material, social, emotional and in terms of development and activity. WHO There are 48 thousand people in the Netherlands, particularly elderly, who su er from chewing and swallowing problems

Graduation Thesis: LEER-FABRIEK

WHAT Leer-Fabriek is a concept that gives vmbo-students literally and figuratively space to discover and develop their own interests and passions. The student selects or invents what he wants to learn. Based on the students' input, experts are sought and asked to provide this information. The lesson takes place in a different location than school, but close by. The space in which this lesson is given is flexible, inspiring and carries along with it the' tone of voice' of De Leer-fabriek. WHO Vmbo-students, aged 12 – 16, are not interested in going to school. Still, they are eager to learn and can get involved when a subject is close to their experience. They are young teenagers, busy trying

Impressive first year signaling report for Heal Design

First year students of International Lifestyle Studies are definitely not coddled. At the first week in school they meet with their client. A real life bona fide client for whom they need to do a research. In five weeks our students learn not only about new subjects, go to a type of school they’ve never been to before and also manage to make real impressive signaling reports. And one of those is the report by students from 1C for client Heal Design. A signaling report is a report with 18 ‘signals’: new products and ideas. In trendresearch finding signals are the first steps towards a deeper understanding about trends, so that’s where our students start. It’s daunting at first, because they h

DDW 2017: Trendbook & Trendtours

During this years Dutch Design Week our students have given trendtours at het Klokgebouw. Eight enthusiastic students did in depth research of changes in society and clustered five trends. The trendtours consisted out of three of those trends from their trend book. The tour gave concrete manifestations of the trends. Trendbook DDW 2017: This years group had an heavy focus on technological boundaries, natures changes, empathy and self-sufficiency. They explained their theme like this: " The world as we know it is changing constantly. Robots which are getting increasingly smart are becoming part of our everyday lives. The boundaries between humanity and technology are blurring. Natural disast

Inspirational trendreport for Capetown project

Our second year students presented a trendreport for one of our Capetown projects. An inspirational trendreport with a in depth research of the target group and a thourouglhy researched trendsection. They made use of the DART method, which they tweaked to show the most relevant inspiration for this client.

Graduation Thesis: DATE A BOOK

WHAT Four times a year during school hours an afternoon is organized in which the children can go on a date. Not with a person, but with a book. The person going on a date passes by tables, where other children try to praise their books and decides if there is a match or not. They keep cards with the book info in a personal folder, so they can later look back on which books they fit. In the meantime, children read books of their own choice from Theek5 library and try to see which of the books they can submit for the next date. WHO This concept is created for children of 9 to 12 years old. Children read less these days then they used to. Reading has positive influence of the mental health and

Spotlight: VVN

Students of ILS learn their profession in real life. That is why International Lifestyle Studies works together with companies from the Netherlands and abroad. In the first two years of the programme, these companies act as project owners. In their third year, students can also approach them for their internships. On Join ILS, these companies introduce themselves on a regulary basis. Company name Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) Representative Rembert Sierksma (innovation coordinator) Working together with ILS since 2015 Sectors Human Movement, Living What kind of company is VVN? ‘The mission of VVN is that everyone can cross the street safely. We are concerned with the behaviour of road users

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