Graduation: A New Energy

BOOM! There they are: a new generation of trend researchers and concept creators that make the world a brighter place. They love to dream, but also believe in measurable results. They have optimistic hearts and fearless voices. They have the mind of a researcher and the heart of an artist. They are more than ready to share their energy and help brands and organisations develop pro ducts and services that are more socially responsible, sustainable or even spiritual. Curious what their work looks like? You are more than welcome to visit A New Energy, the Graduation Expo of Fontys International Lifestyle Studies, Thursday 31 August. Location: Theaters Tilburg, Concertzaal, Louis Bouwmeesterplei

How to research trends

How to research trends. That's the title of the new book by ILS teacher and trend researcher Els Dragt. With this book she offers students a three-step method on trend research. Inspiration she found in a series of lessons that Dragt developed with colleagues of ILS. But she also used the experience she gained as a trend researcher at various research institutes. The demand for good trend researchers increases, according to Dragt, because they are indispensable for innovation. Order the book here.

Concepting abroad

Every spring, sophomores of ILS visit a city of their choice. This year they traveled to Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Antwerp, Ljubljana, Lisbon and Seoul. During these study trips, they not only focus on trends, they also work with local businesses and educational institutions. In Antwerp, for example, students recieved an assignment from Pantopicon and the municipality of Antwerp to develop a sustainable and entrepreneurial concept for Antwerp ‘Nieuw-Zuid’. In Berlin client Mandala asked the students to reflect on contexts and trends in social innovation. In all cities, the students presented their findings to their clients. The response was, without exeption, positive. In Lisboa the studen

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