Slow vs Fast, Food vs Fashion

“If you're into "slow food" — the ethical response to "fast food" — you probably want to know how the animals were treated or whether pesticides were used on your vegetables. Now, the "slow fashion" movement is in the same spirit.” Soraya Darabi, co-founder of the clothing line Zady The current semester of the 2nd year students focuses on the Fast Industry and the Slow Movement in two sectors. These two sectors, Food and Appearace, are seeminly different. But when you peel back their layers, there is many converge between the two industry which makes them having a lot in common (Brones,2015). The rise of Fast At the beginning of the 21st century a new phenomena influenced the way we consume,

Save the Date : Thursday may 26

On this night DIF^3 will present their first Trendreport. An in depth trendreport despicting the fashion trends in global context. For reservations contact

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